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Very Sick Beats beat pack

Very Sick Beats out of Atlanta is our next featured producer. VSB is one of ours favourite Producer/Youtubers. His videos are always fun and inspiring just as much as they are educational. His way around his MPC "Mingus" is magic to watch. We are are crazy excited on featuring his very sick beats on the app. If your starting out on the MPC especially the 200XL make sure you take a look at his videos. They are a great source for info and inspiration.

BYU: What got you started in music?

VSB: Basically church and records (LOL) since my mother was a minister of music and my father collected soul, jazz and funk on vinyl

BYU: What is your must have gear or plug-in. And why?

VSB: Must have gear is Mingus (mpc2000xl) it’s what helped develop my style and I love its warm sound.

BYU: Whats the thought process behind this beat pack?

VSB: Thought process was to create something grimy that u could nod your head to while providing inspiration at the same time.

BYU: Who or what inspires you musical?

VSB: Life inspires me musically because I tend to translate my feelings through beats.

BYU: What keeps you going? Especially when you are at your lest creative?

VSB: Knowing that I’ve done something beneficial for someone else keeps me going because even if I’m feeling out of it, I know that what I do, no matter how insignificant I feel it may be will still hold value to at least one person which is fine by me.

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